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Name Baldev Bawa
Abroad Address N/A
Phone No N/A
Address in Village VPO Dhudike, Tehsil & Distt Moga Punjab India
Phone No +91-981-402-3183
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About (English)  

It gives me a great proud to be a native of village Dhudike. My family is middle class hard working family. Me Baldev Bawa and Beant Bawa started our work from news agency which was run by our father, Sh. Salig Ram. We continued our studies with this work also. Due to our hard work we are running M.L.D.High School at Talwandi Kalan (Ludhiana). This institution M.L.D.High Schol is a unique institution in itself which provides education to nearly 1400 students of the neighboring villages. 100 Employees are working in this institution. We have a collaboration with Tavistock college England U.K. We worked hard for the progress of this institution and will try to do our best in the future also.
My grandfather Sh. Sodhu Ram was in America but due to the influence of Gadar movement he returned to India and expired all of sudden. Our father was quite young at that time. My grandmother Smt. Durgi Devi greatly influenced our family and guided us to noble path. Our mother Rachpal Kaur is house wife. My grandmother was a very wise lady. During my childhood I watched that when there was any function in village the ladies visit my grandmother for her advice. Our family also accepted her influence. Society is also benefited by her experience. Although our family had to face much struggle and we suffered from a lot of pains and sorrows, I still feel today that I and my family accepted her influence and we got motivation from her and we are trying to do some good. But Alas! She is not with us now. It will always hurt us.
Shri Krishan Kumar Bawa, Chairman housefed Punjab encouraged us, with his inspiration. We got the opportunity to work for "Bairagi Mahan Mandal".
Every year we celebrate the Birthday, Martyrdom Day and Sarhind Fateh Divas. We celebrate these days on national and international level. I am thankful to S. Harbant Singh Deol, and Mr Happy, S.Gurmeet Singh Gill, Bahadur Singh Sidhu and my friend Pritam Singh Gill of Canada, for co-operating me during my visit of Canada. I am thankful to all the near and dears who encouraged us and helped me a lot.

About (Punjabi)  

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